The most important part of this blog is to celebrate Roxanne and David’s wedding, but I would also like to switch things up a little.  As those close to me already know, I wear a few ‘hats’; one – a proud father and husband, two – a passionate photographer, and three – a military helicopter pilot.

My number one priority is obviously hat number one, no doubt, although the kids sometimes make me question that one (just kidding… I think).  Two and three flic-flack…When I have my camera that’s all I want to do, however, when I’m away from the desk at work, and at the risk of sounding cheesy, in the sky, that’s exactly where I want to be.  Last week, the Army and I said farewell to an iconic machine, the Lynx helicopter.

After 40 years of service and very long innings, it was sadly decommissioned and probably stripped of its parts.  I had the pleasure to fly this famous aircraft for nearly 4 years, accumulating over 1000 flying hours in many countries.  There was never a dull day flying this incredibly manoeuvrable beast, that if mishandled could bite back with grave consequences. It also gave me the opportunity to become an adopted Yorkshireman where I fortuitously met my wife Jo and settled in the city of York (hence the York Wedding Photographer label). So, whilst I ponder about what I want to do with my future, and feel nostalgic about my past, I have included a few pictures of the ‘fastest bird in the sky”. The one doing a headstand is me!

Moving on swiftly to the amazing wedding of Roxanne and David at the Old Kent Barn, with a special guest, Dick Van Dyke!  This was my first ever booked wedding, and I wanted to say a huge thank you to R & D for having the confidence and guts to book me.  The wedding was the back end of last year, the 29th of December 2017, and was held at the beautiful Old Kent Barn, just north of Folkestone, Kent.


The day itself started off fairly grim, it was like a fridge outside and the wind and rain made it feel even colder.  Roxanne had asked me to cover the prep, which is something I always feel privileged to photograph. As I walked into the room I bumped into some familiar faces; the bridesmaids knew my little brother, I knew the hair stylist from-old (Bubbles and Bows) and the makeup artist (Holly O’Connor) was a friend’s cousin’s wife (I think!).

The room was frantically busy… buzzing with conversations required ‘earmuffs’, and the usual plethora of snacks and champagne flowing.

The couple’s little girl lit up every room she walked in, and the moments of cheekiness she brought with her were easy (and amusing) to capture.


Other than the obvious key events, a beaten-up Amazon delivery car almost high jacked Roxanne’s arrival and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang made a surprise entrance to proceed the first dance; what a day!


Throughout the day there was an overt presence of togetherness with family and friends, laughter at every moment and unquestionable love between Roxanne and David.

The wedding of Roxanne and David.


2 Responses to “York Wedding Photographer and Helicopter Pilot”
  1. Debra Hunt ( proud mother of the groom )

    Wow what can i say, the wedding pics are fantastic you did a brilliant job.

  2. David King

    On your big day capturing the “everything” is always important.. choosing a photographer was one thing we was worried about.. after seeing the passion in photography you gave we knew we had the right person who would capture and feel the moment of the day to get the best photos. You have worked absolute wonders and delivered the full package and more and we thank you so very much for this. Would recommend Kev to anyone amazing work amazing bloke. Thanks again Dave and Rox.

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