Well, what a year I’ve had on my voyage into wedding photography.  From tagging along to second-shoot with a mate, Ian Hall, (www.amazing-day.co.uk) to attacking them on my own and attending an awe-inspiring photography workshop by YorkPlaceStudios.  Ian was instrumental in helping me buy the right equipment and giving me the advice I needed; I pestered him a lot on Messenger, big up to Ian!

My wife, Jo and family deserve a special thank you too.  Not only did they give me the support that I needed, they also clubbed together one Christmas (2016) and bought me my very first DSLR camera and forced me into it all 😉

I’ve genuinely enjoyed every second and met some fantastic couples that deserve the biggest shout-out.  They trusted and empowered me to capture their special day, they have been amazing and deserve a massive thank you.

So, I decided to blog that very first wedding as I didn’t have the confidence in my work then, I mean, why should I?  I was second-shooting my first wedding!  As with every wedding, there are always things that I would have done differently, in the way I shot and how I edited the pictures.  But, I have to be proud of what I have achieved whilst  holding down a full-time job in the British Army and being the father to two great kids I’m equally proud of.

Right, the wedding.  I remember it very well, I walked into the room where the soon-to-be-bride was having her make-up delicately applied.  Everyone was upbeat but I could sense the excitement and tension in the air.  Louise was so welcoming and before I knew it I was making myself a cup of tea.  I remember feeling apprehensive about getting my camera out, but under my friend’s guidance I just put the viewfinder up to my eye and started snapping away.

Then, all of a sudden my part in the wedding was over and the rest is history.

So, I blew the dust off my first second-shot wedding in Dropbox, here’s the gorgeous wedding of Louise & Jon and, a collection of some of my favourite images from last year, less my last wedding that hasn’t reached the third trimester in Lightroom yet; watch this space!  Can’t wait to shoot this year’s weddings and put into practice what I learnt with YorkPlaceStudios. Always improving – onwards and upwards.

Huge shout out to:

Louise & Jon

Hannah & Loui

Hayley & Sunny

Roxanne & David ( watch this space, images and blog to come)