These two awesome peeps live in MY HOMETOWN of York, which was a welcome change as I tend to travel all over the UK to capture these. Now, York is blessed with plenty of quirky places to go but is marred by everyone seeking out these places, normally with a guide and a hundred sheep following with headphones. This can present a few minor problems, as it doesn’t ease the couple into shooting and inevitably a tourist will often try and piggyback off the shot and can throw the couple a little into the-deep-end. This, along with the sun setting earlier and the high buildings in the city blocking the sun out fairly quickly we had to jump straight into it and earn our drink for later.

Serendipitous with the weather, the Museum Garden was our chosen location and we found sanctuary on the other side of the famous Roman multangular tower and walls behind the city’s library. Massive shout-out to Diana and Gav who got into the swing of it and their beautiful faces and easy going nature made my life super easy.


I’m so excited to photograph their wedding Harome with a Slovakian twist, but in the meantime, take a look at their beautiful faces in a place called York.

I hope you enjoyed these images from this York Engagement Shoot as much as I enjoyed taking them! I’d love to hear from you if you are remotely interested in a Pre-wedding/Engagement shoot or even better your wedding day – please get in touch.