York Engagement Shoot-Chris & Kendra

One of the many benefits of living in York is just how beautiful it is… and, being a wedding photographer in York means that I have an exquisite canvas to invite my couples to visit. Upon meeting a couple, I think it’s important to get to know them and their day, and what better way to do so than in one of the many awesome places to eat and drink in York. Over a pint of IPA and a glass of prosecco not too far from the station we sat comfortably in the Star Inn, York. We discussed the ins and outs of their impending wedding that is due to be held in the Lake District.

Kendra and Chris are worldly, only recently having returned from a trip to SE Asia. Seasoned travellers, they look forward to putting down roots on prosperous terra firma, and what better place to do that than Kendra’s home country, the USA.

Eager to start the shoot we headed out into the adjacent flora and fauna within the historically rich York Museum Gardens, along with every other tourist in York that day! Not phased whatsoever, they dived boldly into the-deep-end. We started the shoot and the infectious sense of humour they shared was apparent and echoed throughout the session. After exploring every quiet nook and cranny of the gardens we set out to the more built-up areas of the city. York is a real juxtaposition of period features and, with the strong afternoon light, it provided fantastic contrasting pictures of epic proportions. If their pre-wedding shoot is anything to go by, then their wedding day will be one to remember!

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