Wirral Wedding-Rich & Debs

Wow, what a high-spirited and charming Wirral wedding. Rich, Debs, family and friends stuck two fingers up at COVID, accommodating and hurdling over the restrictions whilst ensuring they had the best possible day with the joy a wedding brings saying I do!

A vibrant parish and an Edwardian country house in the heart of the Wirral providedĀ all the ingredients for a gorgeous and heartfelt day for to Rich and Debs’ day.

It started with a typically fresh and sunny August. With morale high, friends and family buzzed (including me) for the impending event. Soon after at the parish, apprehensively masked guests were fidgetting as word had spread about Debs’ arrival. Parents proudly watched their beautiful children proceed with the bride and all became transfixed as she neared closer towards her husband-to-be. The restrictions in place were soon forgotten, and the parish filled with teethy smiles as the chosen guests witnessed Rich and Debs tie-the-knot. After, everyone congratulated the newlywed couple with an arch of hockey sticks and a confetti gauntlet. (The hockey stick archway was a first for me)

So, without further ado…

Rich and Debs, family and guests, thank you for having me along for the ride on the most fabulous day. It was an absolute pleasure and a fitting end to my 2020 wedding season – crazy times.

Grab your password from the new Mr & Mrs and view by clicking this link:

Rich and Debs

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