Wedding Photographer at the National Centre for Early Music Wedding-Liv & Ross

He was anxious and preoccupied in anticipation, knowing his mother’s home would be a familiar and warming place. Liv followed suit, ceremoniously enrobed in her delicate white dress at the place they call home. With close family and friends by their side, they grappled with knotting ties and clasped newly gifted bracelets. Their nearest and dearest reassured and prepared them with pep talks, heart-warming hugs and gleeful smiles, filling the atmosphere with emotion. Guests were ready to witness two very special people publicly declare (in the words of Joan Armatrading) their “love and affection” for each other.

The chosen guests travelled from far and wide to the popular Viking city of York, carrying their own stories of how they formed friendships with the couple.

The groom’s mother bounced ecstatically throughout her son’s special day. The bride’s mother purposefully grasped her camera to freeze time on her daughter’s wedding day. Ross’ granddad told uncensored jokes and their friends wore off a layer of their dancing shoes.

Weddings are a symbol of devotion, compromise and trust, a kaleidoscope of beauty and tenderness. It’s an exchange between two people to love and cherish one another for the rest of their lifetime. Liv and Ross chose to share this message with those who they care for dearly.

Love is powerful, love is kind, love is love…

All the epic-ness of their day has been captured and ready for your perusal below.

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