The Grange Hotel Wedding – York – Yorkshire-Jake & Angel

It’s Friday evening, and I’m laid across my sofa at home in York enjoying a well-earned cold and fresh glass of wine. While doing so, almost horizontally, my wife and I are binge-watching the tv we’ve missed throughout the week. A familiar sound of a received email interrupts the tv. It’s a new record, an enquiry for a wedding in two weeks! The first thing I do is confirm the date (you’ll be surprised how many get it wrong, and stereotypically it’s usually the groom 🤣). But no, the time is right, two weeks and it’s the grooms mum enquiring for her son’s wedding day. She expressed how much she loved my work and was hoping that I was available. She came across lovely, hopeful and in need. As a wedding photographer, my ethos is to be selflessly committed, loyal and conduct my business with integrity. I’m a great believer in good karma. So, without I thought I cleared whatever I had on that day and the mother-of-the-groom (MOTG) was delighted.

The wedding breakfast location, Grange Hotel, York, was a poignant place for me. This is where I jumped headfirst into wedding photography, clutching my camera with only my love for taking pictures to get me through it. I emerged soaking wet but was hooked from that moment forward and thankful to Hayley and Sunny for taking that leap too. The venue was also very special to the groom’s parents, this is where they married years before, how freakin’ cool is that!? Love the Grange Hotel.

With no prep to photograph, I met the bride and groom at the church. They arrived simultaneously, only avoiding lousy luck by a blinkered hand and a head turn. With the resident priest ill, a retired one was parachuted in to save the day. He ran a beautiful ceremony but did forget to turn off his mic when he went off muttering to himself to collect Angel from another room.  A little rusty maybe, the guests laughed out loud at the awkwardness of it all 😉

With heartfelt vows, and beautiful hymns led by the MOTB the ceremony was over, the next stop was afternoon tea at the Grange Hotel. Jake & Angel chose the perfect setting for their loved ones. With sanitized hands, they greeted each other with elbow bumps as COVID-19 was an uninvited guest. This didn’t dampen spirits as the guests laughed, ate cake and rejoiced, accommodating the scenario with a happy spring in their step. The food was delicious, an afternoon tea with neatly cut sandwiches and handmade cakes. This was not quite enough for the ravenous newly married couple as their journey home was scheduled to make a detour to KFC.

Jake and Angel are clearly two people very much in love and were amazing to photograph. All the epic-ness of their day has been captured and ready for your perusal below.

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Jake and Angel

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