Oakwood at Ryther York Wedding-Matt and Charlotte


Oakwood at Ryther York Wedding

As a North Yorkshire wedding photographer, it might be obvious I have a passion for the beautiful York area. Still, even more, I have a passion for capturing special moments between newlyweds and the family celebrating them. Matt and Charlotte’s wedding was precisely that – a stunning August wedding in North Yorkshire, filled with family, friends, love, and excitement for the next chapter of their love story.

The story of my experience with Matt and Charlotte began well before their wedding day when I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely couple before the pandemic hit. Once COVID made its unfortunate appearance, Matt and Charlotte’s plans were delayed (just as many other couples recently experienced). Once a new date was set in stone, I met with Matt and Charlotte for an informal consultation in Bishopthorpe. Being a York wedding photographer, I was particularly excited about Matt and Charlotte’s ideas, especially their location.

Matt and Charlotte were married at a brand new location (initially set to be one of the first couples married there) – Oakwood at Ryther. Many places in Yorkshire are beautiful, but Oakwood is indeed a slice of perfection for weddings. The converted barn, draped and twinkling fairy lights, and the jaw-dropping a-frame beams… Oakwood at Ryther is truly a York wedding photographer’s dream.

The 4th of August was the day, the most magical day of Matt and Charlotte’s lives – something anyone in attendance could see in their eyes. Upon arriving at the venue, I was able to take photos of both the bride and the groom getting ready with their bridal party – navigating between the bridal and groom suite to ensure not a single special moment was missed. There is really something amazing about the momentum you can feel, capture, and later see in photos ahead of the ceremony.

Unfortunately, a very special person was missing from this very special day. They were lost just before the wedding, but their presence was honoured and felt by all. One of the most memorable aspects of Charlotte and Matt’s wedding, for me, was slowing the day with Charlotte to capture pictures of her with a teddy bear made from her lost loved one’s clothes. It was such a unique way to assure they were as much a part of their wedding as they could be.

After slowing downtime with Charlotte, time completely stopped briefly during the ceremony. The moment Charlotte entered the barn, locking eyes with Matt at the end of the aisle – the world had paused momentarily. The first moment of the rest of their lives together as husband and wife, and a moment they will both replay in their minds (and look back on in photos) for many years to come.

Following the magical ceremony, the blue skies broke briefly, creating a fun experience for all as guests pulled out their umbrellas and scurried quickly to the wedding breakfast. Once arrived, Matt, Charlotte, and their guests enjoyed special toasts from Charlotte’s mother, the best man. The groom himself, an Italian feast prepared by the family restaurant, was enjoyed. The 1940s-1950s tribute band filled the venue with fantastic music – something everyone appreciated.

Making a special evening even more unique, a solo dance was performed by one of Charlotte’s friends (a fellow dance enthusiast) – with the friend even brought Charlotte onto the dance floor with her at the end. Given Charlotte’s passion for dance, Matt and Charlotte earlier shared their first dance (certainly choreographed by Charlotte), which was a precious moment for everyone to get to experience together.
Though the celebration was certainly one for the books, we still made sure to find time to sneak away for private photos of Matt and Charlotte (with Charlotte’s sister in tow for dress assistance) – ending the evening with sunset photos of the beautiful married couple.

Being a North Yorkshire wedding photographer is a tremendously fulfilling job, allowing me to capture the love of amazing couples like Matt and Charlotte. As a UK destination wedding photographer, I am thrilled to be part of the unbelievably special moments for couples – being a point of stability in a day with a reputation for surprises. If you are looking for a York wedding photographer, let’s start collaborating on your magical day!

That’s it; it’s been an absolute pleasure. Click on the gallery link above to view Matt and Charlotte’s day in all its glory! Or if you want some of this awesomeness for your wedding day, click on the contact link.