Oaklands Wedding Photography, Yorkshire-Jen & Mike

Wow, what a fun-loving and magical wedding! Jen and Mike’s day had the perfect amount of everything. These two beautiful beings definitely know how to throw a party… I mean wedding! I should know, Mike happens to my brother-in-law. Jen, welcome (officially) to this crazy family. 

Over one of our many bottles of wine at my gaff, Jen and Mike asked if I would photograph their wedding. As a York-based wedding photographer and member of the family, I was obviously honoured. My wife, Jo (an amazing TV makeup artist) was also asked to beautify Jen, who did a fantastic job and Jen looked stunning. I know what you’re thinking… they’re either incredibly tight or value their family. I know it’s the latter. My two beautiful children made up a page boy and bridesmaid.

The Wedding

Jen… I mean they, chose the most perfect venue to host their wedding.Oaklands, Hempholme, is an extraordinary place located in the heart of rural East Yorkshire. With the quintessential tipi set amidst tranquil lakes and spectacular woodland, it had all the ingredients for a banging venue.

The day started with typically British grey skies and rain but this didn’t dampen spirits. With morale high and a pinch of Mike’s luck (he’s incredibly spawny by the way) the skies cleared as the bottles of prosecco emptied. The pavilion soon became seated with apprehensive guests as word had spread about Jen’s arrival. I proudly watched my beautiful children and wife proceed Jen. Soon after everyone became transfixed as Jen made her way down the aisle. With teethy smiles and happy tears, guests looked on as Jen and Mike tied-the-knot. Big hearty hugs were being dished out to congratulate the new couple before herding the guests’ for the confetti gauntlet. 

The speeches were heartfelt and food and alcohol flowed before Jen and Mike’s unexpected woodland first dance. This was spectacularly revealed to the guests by a surprise opening in the tent. Soon the guests and I joined them only to be met a by a further surprise, the most awesome flash mob-style New York Brass Band. What a fantastic setting to have a party!

My Bit

Jen and Mike, thank you for having me along, you kind of had to 😉 I enjoyed the ride on your most excellent day and it was an absolute pleasure.

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So, without further ado, Jen and Mike.