North Yorkshire Wedding Photography-Lucy & Ollie's

Any North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer will tell you that shooting wedding photography in York is fantastic. That’s one reason I did Lucy and Ollie’s wedding, as it offers such changeable weather, beautiful architecture and busy streets.

Lucy and Ollie’s wedding was just stunning. They really embraced the difficulties that the pandemic presented with their closest family. The small wedding was part one of two with all their friends and extended family joining in once the current situation improves and is safe to do so. 

Lucy looked amazing in her temporary ASOS wedding dress, which had beautiful sequins that gave it a silvery shimmer in the sunlight. Ollie looked dapper in his suit but was reluctant to don the blazer as the North Yorkshire sun was blazing hot on this particular day.

Their wedding took place a Roman Catholic chapel, which is attached to their old Secondary School, All Saints, and added a real circle of life element to it. The chapel was such a beautiful place, with plenty of history and eight hidden escape routes out; thankfully the age-old cliche of jilted bride and grooms, these escape routes were not needed 😉

Destination wedding photography gives me a chance to work with the best light, but I also love shooting UK wedding photography. This gives you such changeable conditions and means you have to react and think on your feet. However, Lucy and Ollie were blessed, as the afternoon sun was blindingly bright and sweltering hot on this August wedding day. Although these conditions can present some difficulties if you don’t know what you’re doing, shooting in these conditions gave great backlit shots and rainbow-Esque lens flares! 

After the ceremony, Ollie, Lucy and their guests headed to the quiant gardens at the rear of the convent to enjoy a well-earned cold glass of bubbles to complement and finish the day. 

Congratulations to Lucy and Ollie for getting married and creating such a relaxed and fantastic wedding. And thanks for having me there, I loved it!

Massive shout out to the friends and family who chatted with me and made me welcome! Also, to the youngest and most chilled best man, who took everything in his stride and gave a brilliantly funny speech.

Ollie and Lucy are clearly two people very much in love and were amazing to photograph. All the epic-ness of their day has been captured and ready for your perusal below.

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