North Yorkshire Pre Wedding Shoot-Mike & Jen

The wedding season in full flow and the weather is glorious… no wait… the weather has been terrible but the weddings must go on. These pre-wedding shoots are key to getting to know you before the big day but I have the pleasure to know these two beautiful beings already, they are my brother-in-law and his soon to be wife Jen. I was absolutely stoked that they entrusted me to capture their day.

With this terrible weather, we remained flexible and waited for the rain clouds to clear and the sun to reveal itself in all its glory…it didn’t disappoint. With the first ingredient sorted, the next was to find a great location that they could both relax and that was quiet and Meesha (their Border Collie/fur baby) friendly. Sutton Bank offered this and more, providing a stunning backdrop overlooking North Yorkshire. The last ingredient was for them to relax, be themselves and have a bit of fun in front of the camera. When you put all of these elements together you can create something quite magical, which I think is very clear in the images taken the night before the summer solstice. Can’t wait to shoot their Wedding at Oaklands Wedding Venue.