Low Hall the Lakes Wedding-Katie and Nick

Low Hall the Lakes

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As you can quite well imagine, being a Wedding Photographer, I’ve seen my fair share of weddings and venues. Throughout my travels, nothing’s quite taken me away like Low Hall The Lakes, as a stand-out venue owned by a tremendous couple, Ben and Francesca. 

Before we jump into today’s post, I just wanted to highlight this venue as although I’ve shared them before, you can view my previous post about Low Hall The Lakes HERE, but this will be the first wedding I’ve featured them on my website before. If you’re currently hunting for a UK Wedding Destination, I’d highly recommend this venue whether you’re in the Lake District or much further afar.

Katie and Nick’s Big Day

As the sun rose on a beautiful Summer morning, I’d already set off towards the Lakes to celebrate and capture Katie and Nick’s beautiful wedding. Like many couples, they’d experience the troubles of lockdown, rescheduling time and time again. Finally, as the light beamed over the iconic mountainous range of the lake district, their wedding day arrived. 

Heading a short walk away from the main venue, I met Nick as he got ready alongside family, friends and his best man/brother. The weather was boiling now, yet everyone couldn’t be more chilled out as they got dressed in their Sunday best. However, a few sneezes of hayfever flagged up every once and a while. 

As a UK destination photographer, I take a lot of pride in meeting people from all over, taking in life stories and getting to explore my love for travelling. I enjoyed working alongside Jack from Master On Film for today’s wedding, which I’ll link HERE. So after having a chinwag with some of the guests, I took a stroll over to meet Katie in the main venue. 

We were greeted by Katie, her friends, bridesmaids, and family entering the main venue, all full of joy. We shared delight that this day had finally arrived. We chatted, smiled and watched tears of joy as Katie got into her gown and awaited her walk down the aisle. 

Among many reasons I adore Low Hall The Lakes, they sure know how to set the scene. As Katie embarked on her ceremonial walk, we followed her out of the small homely cottage through wooden arches and into the forest setting. Something so picturesque about the aesthetic value provided by the venue, but I’ll try my best to set the scene. Guessed perched on hay bails awaiting Katie’s arrival. Dappled sunlight shining through the trees and a flowing stream behind creates what I could describe as the picture-perfect fantasy wedding. 

As the couple said ‘I do’, we heard cheers as they walked for their confetti parade. 

A Night To Remember 

As the afternoon rolled around, the party made their way to the evening, located in the picturesque stone barn, surrounded by garden games such as bean bag throwing and croquet to throw the guests into a traditional setting. 

Throughout the afternoon, something truly resonated with me: lockdown lifted, families coming together, and possibly most importantly, England we’re through to the semi-final of the football. You could hear an occasional cheer and a crowd around mobile as the team brought a sense of togetherness to the event. As the speeches and amazing food came to an end, I gave a heads-up to the best man that Sterling had scored, and the crowd let out a cheer in thunderous applause. 

Guests warmed, we took the newlyweds out into the fantastic fields surrounding the grounds, and I’ll give it to them both; they were excellent sports. We captured some beautiful portraits, taking in the surrounding mountains and letting my drone come out to play for some additional footage. Once we finished taking photos, I stayed out to make the most of the perfect end to a perfect day; the sunset. 

If you’re currently planning a UK Wedding and on the hunt for a Destination Wedding Photographer, allow me to offer my services; I’d love nothing more than to help you capture this special moment in your life.

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Ben and Francesca at Low Hall The Lakes – thank you for being awesome hosts and letting me photograph in every nook-and-cranny!

Amazing food – Karen Rhodes wedding events – Thank you for the sticky toffee pudding.

That’s it; it’s been an absolute pleasure. Click on the gallery link above to view Katie and Nick’s day in all its glory! Or if you want some of this awesomeness for your wedding day, click on the contact link.