Hospitium York Wedding-Jess and Joe


York Wedding Photographer

Celebrate another momentous occasion with me as a York Wedding Photographer; in the place I adore the most, York. More specifically, The Hospitium, this fantastic 14th century home, is situated on the grounds of the city museum.

Now, this venue holds a special place in my heart explicitly, as back in 2013, it’s where my wife and I also said our vows! So, let’s hop into the wedding of Jess and Joe.

As many of you know, many weddings had to hit the pause button over the past year. Unfortunately, Jess and Joe were initially one of those weddings – having their Engagement Photography shoot back in April 2019. Something I love to do with all my couples, giving me a chance to understand their story and build that all-important relationship. Most importantly, I just love to meet people! It’s one of the joys of being a UK Wedding Photographer. If you’d like to check out Jess and Joe’s engagement shoot, you can read all about that post here.

Arriving into the city bright and early, I headed across to where the couple had spent the night before. Now, you might be thinking, ‘they stayed at the same venue?’ Although not unheard of, this couple certainly never planned it. Having booked their accommodation, both bride and groom saw the funny side when they found out, not only had they booked the same venue… but also ended up on the same floor, apartments facing each other. Although I must admit, this made taking getting ready photos into a photographer’s dream.

As the couple emerged from their apartments, we took to the streets of York. As a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, but as a proud local, this was possibly one of the day’s highlights. As we walked through the streets and backstreets of York, I captured some picturesque shots of both the couple and the crowds around them.

Only one nail-biting moment approached us throughout the day; ahead of the main event, the couple asked if I’d be able to take some family photos – which of course, I said I’d be happy too. As the family arrived and we prepared to get our shot, the bride’s mother had a hiccup getting out of the taxi. Sadly, her beautiful dress had a zip malfunction and broke from top to bottom. However, our prepared for anything venue thankfully had a sewing kit to hand and swiftly sewed her into the dress. Looking at things on the lighter side, our fantastic couple and their family quickly saw the funny side, and the wedding went on without a hitch.

Officially, husband and wife, the happy couple, made their way upstairs to a few hours of food, drinks and speeches, including a speech from Joe’s brother essentially highlighting his love/hate for Joe liking everything he’s done throughout life.

As the nighttime closed in, the venue closed the gardens to the public. We stood back and enjoyed the family reunited at last, celebrating this occasion with those they loved and dancing into the night.

If you’ve never been to this venue before, I’d highly recommend checking it out. Set in the charming museum gardens, this ornate house indeed paints the scene for the history and culture of the city. If you’re currently looking for a York Wedding Venue, I’ll leave a blog post for this and other fantastic venues in York below.

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That’s it; it’s been an absolute pleasure. Click on the gallery link above to view Jess and Joe’s day in all its glory! Or if you want some of this awesomeness for your wedding day, click on the contact link.