The Grange Hotel Wedding – York-Hayley & Sunny

Well, what a freakin’ awesome day!  Hayley & Sunny had a super chilled wedding in their home town of York (mine too).  Such a great location with so much going on + guests got to visit one of the greatest city’s in the UK (biased opinion).  For this wedding I tried to capture the real… what was there, no arranging shoes and rings but just shot what was in front of me.  It just so happened that I had a gorgeous couple to capture, in a great location.  For the ceremony, the bride-to-be approached the registry office with stealth so that groom and guests did not stumble across a sneak-peak of her beautiful dress, that had journeyed all the way from India.

The Grange Hotel, a regency townhouse held the breakfast where guests enjoyed good food and heartfelt speeches.  The party and good times continued into the wee hours downstairs in the  Ivy Brassiere.  Love, friendship and family ran through the day like a golden thread and is reflected in the vibrant images (for a change in reverse order).