Fountains Abbey Wedding-Grace and Ant

Fountains Abbey

Upon the historic grounds of Fountains Abbey; lies the dramatic remains of the abbey ruins within a beautiful picturesque setting. But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Today belonged to Grace and Anthony as they made preparations to share their vows in front of their beloved friends and family. 

I set off early, meeting up with Anthony accompanied by his brother, dad and grandad in the quant Kings Head pub. On my arrival, I was informed that Anthony had only arrived this morning. A keen runner, he’d already made the 8km run from Cedar Retreat, where wife to be, Grace, had stayed the night before. 

A warm welcome surrounded the bride and groom to be; I felt a real sense of peace and serenity despite the challenges that had been thrown their way, as with most engaged couples over the past year. Initially, the couple planned an entire ceremony on the National Trust site; sadly, plans changes, but it certainly didn’t interfere with what turned out to be a glorious British summer’s day. 

If you’ve never experienced Fountains Abbey, it’s a sight to behold. It’s surrounded by well-kept gardens and a beautiful stately home, outside of which became the location for the ceremony itself. When arriving for the Fountains Abbey Wedding, I captured an intimate moment of Grace revealing her stunning gown to Anthony as she walked out the doors to the garden manor. 

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In a non-traditional yet beautiful setting, the couple walked hand in hand as one down the aisle, sharing their vows in front of the people they adore. In the glorious sunshine, tears shed, and cheers all around, we took a walk around the ground; despite being filled with public members, the calm couple took it in their stride. Then, finding a few quiet moments to capture their love and take in the beauty of Fountains Abbey history, it was time to celebrate. 

A Riverside Wedding Venue To Adore

Heading away from the ceremony and into the evening held at the quaint Tanfield House, a family home tucked away in the English countryside. We arrived just ahead of the golden hour, greeted by the beloved owners of this house as well as the friends and family ready to welcome in the husband and wife duo. 

We listened to the speeches given by the families and Grace, including a reading from Anthony’s mother honouring the culture of Liverpool, who framed and read out an extract from The Beetles for the newlyweds. A few furry guests arrived in the form of the couple beloved pets, cared for by a company called Bow Wow Vow. They brought the pups to the venue, giving them some quality time as a family and, of course, allowing me to take a few family portraits. 

As the sun gave us a final glare, we found a quiet for the couple to capture some last moments of their special day. Grace threw on her denim jacket as we appreciated the golden hours of the day. 

Another day to remember, filled with a true sense of peace and happiness. If you’re looking for a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer like myself, feel free to browse my range of previous wedding shots and wedding stories. I’d be more than happy to help you capture your day, so contact me here.

That’s it; it’s been an absolute pleasure. Click on the gallery link above to view Grace and Ant’s day in all its glory! Or if you want some of this awesomeness for your wedding day, click on the contact link.