Best of 2019 | Wedding Photographer York-

As they say in the film industry “that’s a wrap!” So, my second year in wedding photography, it’s been a rip-curling ride with more amazing weddings under my expanding belt. This year’s wedding express train whistle blew in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, with my next stop soon on the horizon. Stations included the Vale of Pickering, an urban adventure into the bustling city of Birmingham and the former European city of culture, Hull. I returned a few times to my hometown, York to replenish and was lucky enough to capture a few weddings there too! The train didn’t stop for too long though, soon the departure board in yellow dot writing on black said I was off to the Lake District to the wildly romantic and blissfully secluded area of Cockermouth. Once fully enriched with the rolling hills and vast meres I was flying high over the snow-topped alpine mountains soon to screech down in the quintessentially Italian beauty of Lake Garda. As the train pulled into the last stop my carriage was full. Full of the most awesome couples, vendors and venues who all worked harmoniously with no pesky leaves on the track to slow 3120-mile journey down.

Shout Outs

Huge shout out to Jenny and Chris, Mike and Jenny, Lucy and Derek, Liv and Ross, David and Roberta, Jo and Aaron, secret wedding couple (you know who you are) and Robert and Debbie. You have all been the best in every way and provided amazing testimonials. During this time I had the pleasure to work with some amazing venues. In particular, Low Hall the Lakes was an absolute gem hidden away in a luscious corner of the Lake District. This venue was set in secluded grounds away from the world and ran by the best wife and husband duo, Francesca and Ben. If you’re looking for somewhere to say ‘I do’, I do recommend these two.

Heartfelt Thank Yous

Firstly I have to thank my wife, Jo, for her endless support, love and patience, I couldn’t have done it without her. Next, my kids, well just for being awesome. Thirdly I have to thank the wonderful NineDots wedding community. Without the mutual support that the community offers I wouldn’t be able to “create my own awesome”. Heading NineDots are the awesome trio of Andy, Adam and Rahul who are the catalysts to all the positive vibes. Nestled in there is the good karma king Ste Walker, you, my friend, have made a positive impact. Then, a little fist bump to Adam at Grizzly Bear Design for your web help.

So… without further ado, please find pictured my awesome ride through the UK and abroad for 2019. 2020, Get ready, ima coming!

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