My Style

There are an array of different styles of photographers, I believe it’s enormously important that when you choose your photographer, you should have complete faith in their style of work and fits in with what you want. That’s not to say a photographer won’t modify their style at times, but ultimately, a photographer’s personality can’t help but shine through in their work. People say that I have a style, but I just try and shoot with honesty and a sense of feeling so that images can pop and come alive. When you see an image, you want to be there in that moment again and laugh or cry. I’ve tried to develop this through hard work, patience and serendipity.


I’m a very proud father of two children and a lucky husband to my wife, Jo, so I know first-hand how important it is to find the right photographer. I was born and raised in the Garden of England, in a small town called Ashford (aka ‘Trashford“), Kent. I Moved up north on ’09, where I fortuitously met my wife Jo and settled in the city of York (hence the York Wedding Photographer label). I have a crazy mini Schnauzer cross Jack Rusell called Billy. I annoy my wife by fidgeting, making random strange noises, making her jump and never finishing my… sentences.

My Aim

My aim with every wedding I do is to capture ‘alastingshot’.  This will allow you to re-live that moment in time, from my very privileged and unique point of view. Capturing the special moments which otherwise may be missed, and creating alastingshot for you to revisit time and time again. It’s a very colourful, relaxed and authentic style. I try to keep it simple and have some fun. I try to blend in, chat with family and friends, carry your shoes or sort your tie when it gets a bit hectic. I do this purely for the love of love, and the freedom to photograph.

I don’t do cheese, just awesome.

“Tie the knot with alastingshot”


Happy words

“Would not hesitate to recommend Kevin. He is a true professional, but also great company putting any nerves to rest. He captured such special, true moments in a natural way, just as we wanted. Perfect.”

Hayley and Sunny