My Style

When you see an image, you want to be taken back to that moment – to laugh or to cry all over again. Through patience, serendipity, and sheer hard work, I’ve developed a style that enables this. I shoot with honesty and a sense of feeling – this makes the photos pop and come alive.


I’m a very proud father of two children and a lucky husband to my wife, Jo, so I know first-hand how important it is to find the right photographer. I was born and raised in the Garden of England, in a small town called Ashford (aka ‘Trashford“), Kent. I Moved up north on ’09, where I fortuitously met my wife Jo and settled in the city of York (hence the York Wedding Photographer label). I have a crazy mini Schnauzer cross Jack Rusell called Billy. I annoy my wife by fidgeting, making random strange noises, making her jump and never finishing my… sentences.

My Aim

My aim with every wedding I do is to capture ‘alastingshot’.  I want you to re-live that moment in time, from your a unique point of view. I Capture the amazing moments that happen that otherwise may be missed, creating alastingshot for you to revisit time and time again. It’s colourful, punchy, relaxed and authentic. I have fun and keep it simple. I blend in, chat with family and friends, carry shoes or sort out ties when it all gets a bit hectic. I do this purely for the love of love, and the freedom to photograph.

I don’t do cheese, just awesome.

“Tie the knot with alastingshot”


Happy words

“Would not hesitate to recommend Kevin. He is a true professional, but also great company putting any nerves to rest. He captured such special, true moments in a natural way, just as we wanted. Perfect.”

Hayley and Sunny