Abbeywood Estate Wedding-Cate & Pete

Abbeywood Estate

Picture the scene. It’s a vibrant summers day amongst the grounds and gardens of the alluring Abbeywood Estate. Families reunited, glasses clinking, and the long-awaited wedding for the beautiful Cate and Pete. 

Sadly along with many, due to 2020, they had to press pause on their special day. But, love triumphed, and thankfully wedding’s were given the go-ahead to proceed. As a destination wedding photographer, I’m particularly fond of travelling to exciting locations. So I journeyed down to Chester to the fantastic Abbeywood Estate and Gardens for Cate and Pete’s day, nestled away in the Delamere Countryside.

Primarily based as a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, I’ve gathered a wide variety of venue inspiration throughout my time. If you’re currently on the hunt for your ideal space, I’d recommend checking out this post.

The Main Event

Towards late afternoon, both parties began getting ready for the main event. I took a moment to capture the surrounding garden and the atmosphere of the whole experience. The couple chose a non-exclusive outside ceremony; it was a moment to take in what was a beaming summers afternoon – indeed the perfect moment for an outdoor event. 

As final preparations were made amongst the historic grounds of Abbeywood, we captured some precious moments of Bride Cate and Maid Of Honor as well as Sister of the Groom, Lucy, as the pair got ready for the walk down the aisle.

Eventually, the guest arrived, both from the UK and the rest of the world. Our bride, Cate, originally came from Wisconsin, USA, and unfortunately, some families couldn’t join us, in-person due to ongoing restrictions. Thankfully, those who couldn’t attend were present throughout the ceremony, virtually. After the ceremony happened to be a particular highlight for me as a photographer, I was allowed by the family cousins to recreate a family photo from years past – gathering the family together for a long-overdue recreation of this beloved family image. 

Happy tears, laugher and joy, lead us into the evening event. But, as the sun began to set, the event was far from over as they transitioned into the picturesque glasshouse, complete with a vintage streetfighter Nintendo console arranged by the couple for their guests.

I was in awe of these picturesque landscapes; if you’re currently looking into this venue as a potential space for your big day, I hope I’ve captured the essence of the unlimited potential of the Abbeywood Estate Wedding Photography. 

If you’ve been enjoying my photography for some time, you might recall Cate and Pete. A while ago, this wonderful couple made the journey to my hometown for their pre-wedding shoot. I want to take a sweet moment to thank them for their generosity throughout the past year and for allowing me to be a part of their special day. If you’d like to check out their previous shoot – click HERE.

I want to give another massive thank you to the happy couple for allowing me to be a part of their special day. If you’re new to my services, I’m a York Wedding Photographer who’ll be more than privileged to help you capture your memories. If you’d like to find out more about my services, please feel free to reach out to me at

So you’ve had a good read of the blog, you’ve watched the highlights video and now it’s time for my favourite pictures from Cate and Pete’s special day!

That’s it; it’s been an absolute pleasure. Click on the gallery link above to view Cate and Pete’s day in all its glory! Or if you want some of this awesomeness for your wedding day, click on the contact link.