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Gargrave Wedding

“Kev the photos are just fantastic, thank you!! You must have been exhausted by the end of the day, you seemed to be everywhere, you captured so many great shots. We are so pleased with them Kev, thank you so much x”

What do you get when you mix an early September in Gargrave and a gathering of people? You get a very, very wet wedding full of awesomeness and cool people ready to help Ali & Rick have an epic wedding day.

The day started at Ali’s Mum’s and partners house, which just happened to have an amazing woods at the back; this was the original location for their Humanist ceremony but the summer weather was put on hold by Mother Nature. This didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits or take away from the day as their backup plan kicked in and was equally as special.

Ali arrived in style in a blacked out Landrover, singing to herself to calm her nerves. The marquee was packed and the ceremony began with some special and relevant words from Stef, their Celebrant. The rain gently tapping on the marquee was soon drowned out by the sweet voice of their nephews Singing “isn’t she lovely ” which made everyone watch in awe and finished with lots of ahhhs.

The wedding was soon sealed and the reception kicked off after a mad dash to the Village Hall. This wedding was a quintessentially British, back to the good old days of fold-out tables, lined with white table covers and garlands hanging off every inch of the ceiling. Everyone soon taking advantage of the alcohol on offer, as one of Ali’s parents owned the famous Copper Dragon Brewery and their Golden Pippen barely saw the inside of their guests’ glasses.

After some witty and emotional speeches, the food was served. The food by the Otto-man was so good that they had to break into their reserve reserves as people illegally went for seconds and thirds 😉

Soon after, the party was in full swing and a surprise contemporary brass band burst onto the stage to steal the show. The Loud Noises delivered high octane covers with the lead nailing the rap from one of the Spice Girls tracks, which in turn meant that the 1950s parquet flooring was getting a good seeing to.

Ali and Rick truly are an amazing couple, their unique wedding day was spent with equally awesome friends and family – thanks for having me, it was an absolute banger!

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